A New Era in Neon: Understanding the 3 Key Differences Between LED Neon Signs & Traditional Glass Neon

It’s not only you if LED neon and glass neon seem confusing. There are plenty of myths being circulated on the internet that explain why you should choose one or the other. We’ve identified some major differences and will give you the lowdown. This breakdown will help you understand how both kinds of lighting should be approached. Here they are!

1. Material

LED neon is a relatively new and fairly new phenomenon. Both produce light, however, their processing creates distinctive visual appeal. Traditional neon signs are made out of glass tubes and can break easily. On the flip side LED signs are constructed by using diodes that emit light and, when strung together, produce a neon-like appearance. The sign is wrapped in a polymer coat to shield each diode LED is a cost-effective and energy-efficient sign option.

2. Call

Businesses around the globe are taking on LED neon signs due to their vivid light and their ease of installation and transport. Due to the nostalgic factor as well as the associations to prestige and elegance LED neon signs can be an appealing package for most creative people who want to draw attention.

3. Brightness

It’s been discussed a lot about which type of lighting is the brightest. If you’re looking to purchase a custom-designed neon light, you need to verify that the sign is legitimate. The thing to remember when you’re shopping around is that LED neon signs are extremely bright, can be dimmed, and are green.

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