Illuminate Your Style: The Art of Designing Personalized Neon Signs

LED neon signs are the newest fashion in business advertising and home decor thanks to their flashy colors and trendy designs. Entrepreneurs and home decor enthusiasts typically hang neon signs in and around buildings to draw clients and beautify their surroundings. A customized neon sign is even better than an LED sign.

A customized neon sign is made specifically for you and is a perfect way to personalize your space and make your business apart from the rest.

So, how do you make your custom neon sign? Does it cost a lot to design custom LED signs? And where can you build customized neon signs that feature your logo? These are all questions answered in this post. So, let’s dive in.

What is the cost to Design an Individual Neon Sign?

On average, it costs approximately $350 to create your own custom neon sign with Echoneon. The cost of the sign is determined by the size of the personalized neon sign as well as the features that are required. For instance, if, for example, you would like the “Splash-proof” feature to ensure that your personalized neon sign is water-resistant then you’ll be charged 10 percent more. Also, you’ll be charged $10 for the built-in dimming feature.

How to Create a Custom Neon Sign

It is easy to create a custom neon sign in your office, home, or other areas. Upload your customized design into the Echo neon customizer and choose the features you need.

Once you have submitted your details the experts will begin creating your neon sign. It will be delivered to the address you provide within no more than three weeks. The site also has a price calculator that will provide you with an estimation of the price of your custom neon sign. It’s never been so easy to make your custom neon name sign that is branded with your logo.

Why should I get A Custom LED Neon Sign?

For the following reasons, you must think about the possibility of a custom LED neon sign:

1. Personalize your Space

You can personalize your home with an LED neon sign that is custom-designed. You can create a custom neon sign that represents your passion, your sports team, or even a quote that inspires you. A customized neon sign will provide you with inspiration and motivation to continue your journey.

2. How can you set your business apart from the rest

You can request a business neon sign designed specifically for your business or brand, to set the brand apart from others who might offer similar services to yours. You can design the custom LED sign from your business’s logo, tagline, or motto. This is a fantastic way for your brand to stand out from the rest.

Customized neon signs for business are made of high-quality and environmentally-friendly materials so they last for many years and are not susceptible to fading. The sign uses minimal energy and is able to fit into different spaces in your business place.

3. How to make your space look more beautiful?

Neon signs for home are a great option to add some flair to your home. The striking mix of trendy colors and colors will help you beautify your home and make it more welcoming.

As you can pick the font, color size, and style that you want it is easier to make your home’s neon sign match the theme or the color of your decor.

Our team of experts utilizes laser-cutting technology to make your custom neon sign. The process takes 2-3 weeks, but you are able to choose from our extensive collection of home decor neon signs in case you aren’t able to be patient for this long. There are signs in various styles, colors, and sizes that you can choose from.

4. Recall and Brand Awareness

Businesses and brands can boost their popularity in the market by utilizing custom neon logo signs. Customers are more likely to remember your brand because of the striking signs that are displayed in front of your establishment.

How Do I Make A Customized Logo Neon Signage At Home

You can make a DIY custom LED neon sign at home with the necessary tools and materials. The most common tools are EL (electroluminescent), thin metal wires, LED strip lights as well as batteries, wire cutters, scissors, and glue.

Here’s how to create a personalized neon sign with your logo at home:

  1. On a large piece of paper, sketch your preferred style. It is possible to make the lines longer by using markers.
  2. Make use of thin wires made of metal to draw the outline. For a perfect illustration, bend it into exactly the shape of the design that you have created.
  3. To connect LED strip lights and EL wires to the wire, use a glue gun or transparent adhesive. Begin at one end beginning at one end, then work your way up to the other.
  4. After attaching the lights to the wire, place the board onto a wooden flat or backboard. Make sure the board is drilled at the back, so it is easy to put the signup.
  5. After you’re done then plug in and switch on the neon sign. The LED lights or EL wires should light up the neon sign that you sketched. Voila! Voila! You now have your own custom neon sign.

It is important to know that professionally made neon signs aren’t made at your own home. They require professional craftsmanship by using laser-cutting technology or contour-cutting equipment, which aren’t available at your own home.

To use these machines, you will require lots of knowledge and experience. You will need to purchase a custom neon sign with your brand’s logo.

Experts strongly recommend that you make custom neon signs for your company. This gives the business an appearance that is more professional. There are Echo Neon experts who can design and create your personalized neon sign at an affordable price.

How Long Do Custom Neon Signs Last?

An LED sign made to order may last for 6 years on average. The sign could last for as long as 10 years if it is well-maintained and properly installed. This is because custom LED neon signs from Echo Neon are made from robust materials like premium PVC as well as acrylic backboards.

Signs can also be illuminated by LEDs with low energy that last for over 50,000 hours. It is possible to have the neon sign for many years and not have to worry about replacement or repairs. The neon sign can be designed to be waterproof if you prefer it to be outside.

Final Words

In the end, custom logo signs are an excellent method to boost the decor in your home and increase the size of your business. They also give you an opportunity to let out your creative side and make a sign that will represent your personality and interests.

You can customize your neon sign with Echoneon. Our professional team can transform any design or concept into a beautiful neon sign that is suitable for your home or office. Get started now and get your sign made.

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