Saying Goodbye to the Glowing Wonders: The Decline of Neon Signs

A neon sign emits light by passing electricity through a tube filled with gas. The gas can be changed or the tube painted with a different color. This will make the light emit in your favorite color. For a long, bright neon signboards have been visible in downtown areas. The number of neon signs has been declining in recent years. We asked 100 men and women about neon signs. We will share different opinions on the importance and appearance of neon signs.

82% of respondents were familiar with neon signs, while 18% didn’t. The neon signs were first invented in France in 1910. Japan imported the technology, and it has been in use since the Taisho era.

You can bend the glass tube to make neon signs into any shape. The result is three-dimensional signboards featuring letters and illustrations. You have likely seen them in places like downtown shops or on top of buildings.

Many people who voted for “I don’t understand neon signs” probably haven’t seen them but don’t know their names.

The downtown character signboard received 67% of votes and is the most prominent impression of a neon sign. Particularly, many downtown businesses have used neon signs for years as signboards. Many people know that neon signs indicate downtown areas. This is why the area is often called “Beantown”.

The Second was the “exterior wall of pachinko shops, etc.” This old-fashioned store also uses a lot of neon signs.

The third was a “large advertising tower such as Glico”. Its bright colors make it ideal for large and eye-catching advertisements.

Q3. Q3.

84% of respondents didn’t know neon signs were disappearing from their city. Only 16% did. Many people don’t realize that neon signs are slowly disappearing.

This is a trend that is affecting both the number and quality of neon signs being manufactured by companies and the number of glass tube processing craftsmen. It seems that LEDs and other lighting are being used more frequently on signboards.

There are still many neon signs, even though the number is declining. There are many neon signs in the downtown area. You can see billboards, advertisements, and other signage that glow in different colors. Many people feel that neon signs have declined.

Q4. Q4. Do you think you need a neon sign

While 57% of respondents don’t need neon signs for their homes, 43% do.

“It is too flashy and uses a lot of power. (Kochi Prefecture/38-years old/female)” “It’s safer and quieter without it. (Tochigi prefecture/34-years old/female).” Those who are not able to see neon signs well can vote “not needed”.

Some people are more favorable to the neon signs’ lighting, like “There are areas where brighter lights work better for crime prevention.” It can be used as a tourist attraction. (Shizuoka Prefecture/45 years of age/female). There aren’t many.


There were some more negative views about neon signs. Because neon signs were frequently installed in downtown areas people likely believed that these signs made the area unsafe.

By using glass tubes to make neon signs, you can create vivid colors by transforming them into any shape. While it’s easy to use as an advertising medium, some feel that the neon colors are too flashy and vulgar. Although some people dislike the look of neon signs, others like the idea of downtown areas and feel they are too bad for their taste.

A billboard that uses electricity and is not environmentally friendly was also mentioned. People are concerned about the environmental impact of electricity consumption when they see neon signs glowing brightly at night.

Although neon tubes consume less power than LEDs, they still emit light. However, because they have very little mercury, they are considered mercury waste.

Some people love neon signs. Many people said that they did not want the neon sign to disappear because they loved its design and texture. People recognize that it is a form of illumination that illuminates the night. The neon signs are a great addition to the atmosphere in the city. Many people feel that it would be tragic to lose the neon sign because it is an integral part of the city’s traditional landscape. Some people responded that they don’t want neon signs to disappear because it’s difficult to find shops at night in darkened areas. They are practical and useful. This sign is particularly useful for those unfamiliar with the area as it acts as a landmark to help you find the store you’re looking for.

Advertising is no longer limited to neon signs. There are many options available. LED signs have replaced neon signs in particular. This trend is not something to be fought against, but some may feel otherwise.

Neon signs will inevitably become less popular as technology advances. But, there will be a decline in demand. The opinion is that neon signs should not be removed. This is because young people can “enjoy retro atmospheres” while older people “remember the good times.” If these people don’t disappear, I don’t believe neon signs will go away.

As an alternative to neon tubes, we offer the “Border V Series”. This is an LED neon that combines LEDs with a silicone case for borderline applications.

While it is not appropriate for creating neon letters it can be used to express borderlines that need R.

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