Indoor Neon Decor: A Fun and Creative Way to Add Color and Personality to Your Home

Custom Neon signs are those unusual glowing signs that are seen all over the city and street with vibrant shapes and shining brightly in the darkness. Recently, they have become a popular trend. They can be used as a light source however, they also make great accents for your decor. Your home will shine with its many forms and colors. In the living room to create a stunning eye-catching scene, or in your bedroom for a chic evening look, they will always make an impact.
Custom Neon signs and lights are a popular choice for parents or babies. They can be used in the bedroom, living room, lounge area, work area, or dining space to break up the monotony or add more energy to the space.

Ideas to Place Neon Signs in Your Home

The Lounge Wall

The lounge is usually the focal point of your home because it’s situated right after the entrance. A neon sign could be installed on the wall in the lounge to greet visitors and put a smile on their faces.

Wall to the Right of the Bed

This may sound odd when we don’t often observe people who are focused on the wall when they open their eyes. All of them instead focus on the back wall. But isn’t it fabulous to have something good to look at when you get up? Usually, the phone is what you’re looking at however, if you have something worthwhile to read, you’ll naturally remind yourself of its importance of it. It will also make you feel better about your morning.

Accent tables

Neon lighting will make accent tables and corners appear more sophisticated. Create a customized neon sign for the table with your family and friends can sit and chat about the world.


The kitchen is where in your home where you can find the essence of life, i.e., food. Although we may not see it as a chore, cooking food in a nicely decorated kitchen is more of a fun time than just a tedious activity.

Gaming Area

People with a love for gaming will love this concept. Bright neon light colors fit the gaming setup so well. It’s cool to put up the name or quote neon sign on the wall.

Room for the Kid’s Room

The LED neon signs can be customized by using their names or phrases. It’s bound to look good and create the perfect environment for the baby to sleep in the room.

Bar and Entrance

If you’re planning to have an area for a bar at home, it should give a certain vibe so you and your guests can experience it as you would.

Well, no worries even if there’s no bar at your place. To make your space look more appealing You can place one on the front wall. It’s just as fascinating!

Good wall paint can be all you require to decorate your home.

Sitting Area

If you have one at home, it’ll be a good spot for you, your friends, and your family to flood your Instagram with posts that are Instagram-worthy.

The most well-known Neon Sign Phrases

You’ll have to sit down to write down the list of words or designs to create your neon signs more meaningful. It can take some time. Here are some popular neon sign words.

Google quotes are an excellent alternative. It is also possible to check out existing web services. They’ll give you additional options for you to select from. You can also try the reads like this one.

Comment below to let us know your thoughts or suggestions. The exchange of ideas is an enjoyable experience after all.

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