The Temperature of Neon Lights: Facts and Myths

Neon lights can be both an aesthetic and functional addition to any space. Your neon LED lights will never get hot if they are properly installed.

There might be some temperature variation in the signage. It is not dangerous because it is only a lukewarm temperature.

Glass lights can be heated up by such lights. Additionally, the glass lights are susceptible to burns if they’re touched or if they break.

This article provides more information about neon LED signs and why they should be in your space.


Before we can get to the bottom of the definition, let us learn some science lessons. Primarily, neon is the fifth-most abundant element on the earth. It wasn’t important at first.

Producing neon lights for commercial use started in 1910. The advertising industry has been dominated by neon lights for nearly a century. They are everywhere, on billboards, signage, and pop art.

  • Old Neon Lights

The neon gas was kept in tubes made of glass. The gas should only be subject to slight pressure.

Usually, the glowing light from the tube is reflected off the glass surface.

  • Neon Led Lights

Neon LED lights provide a similar effect to ancient glass neon lights. They are different in terms of their design and mechanism. As such, the former is more effective, safer, and better than the latter.

These lights include strips of light-emitting diodes. Others feature LED mounting. The strength, size, color, and type of the LEDs will all affect the brightness and hue of the neon lights.

Neon lights produce flashes of brighter light, rather than continuous streams. It could be the reason that the lights are so extraordinary and original. Depending on where you place them, neon lights could also be used to advertise.


Neon LED lighting has a group of LEDs attached or mounted to a single strip. These LEDs can come in many materials. These LEDs are covered in transparent jackets so that they shine brightly.

These are not bright enough to cause damage to your eyes. These do not require much lighting and can be dimmed quickly if you only need minimal illumination.

There are many options for LED neon lights. They come in both bright and shiny versions. Other models have more muted tones.

Sometimes you will find multiple LED strips that house different colors. This means that you have the freedom to make your space unique and creative.


No, modern neon LED lights don’t get hot. This is a good sign that they can be safely used.

Neon LED signage generates less heat than glass. Glass can melt quickly, and heats up fast. It can be dangerous for your safety and health.

Neon LED lights can only be used at lukewarm temperatures. It is safe to use when the temperatures are very low.

Let’s examine some factors that can contribute to heat generation.

  • Light source

Old neon lights used gas as a power source, but modern neon lights use solid semiconductors to generate the light. Neon LED signs can be inexpensive, unlike old fluorescent gas lights.

You will pay significantly less for your energy bills. It also means that energy efficiency is on the higher side.

  • Voltage

Neon lights from the past have a constant voltage which is why they are durable. However, neon LEDs changed this voltage from 3-18KV down to 24-120V.

Longevity and high performance still exist, but safety is a big difference. Neon LED lights are safer for instance than neon glass because they don’t get hot.

  • Environmental Impact

Neon lights such as glass neon lights can cause more harm to the environment than LED lights. The gas is more likely to cause pollution in the atmosphere. Mercury inhalation poses greater dangers. LED neon lights, on the other hand, are safer than glass neon lights.

LED neon sign can be used in a variety of applications. They can be bent to as low as 3cm due to their flexible bodies. These strips are easy to cut with scissors.

  • Functioning

These lights can be simple but more efficient. Old neon lights can be used to increase the voltage of their tubes to 220V-15KV to produce monochromatic lights.

Two colors must have different glass tubes to achieve this effect. The center of the light will be dimmed if there are more important fonts. A smaller size will make it harder for the light to process.

LED lights run at 24 VDC and produce very little heat. They are therefore easy to work with.


Most consumers love neon LED lights because they are efficient. They consume almost 85% less energy than other lights, which is a huge advantage.

No matter how big or small your repairs are, you will see a substantial drop in your energy bills. Here are some other benefits you might not know about. Or, rather, there are other reasons you should strongly consider purchasing these lights.

  • LED Neon – There are many small LED lights

LED neon lights include many LED lights. They are therefore very safe for the surrounding environment. They are also energy-saving.

They use almost the same energy as standard bulbs, but they are not as bright. It’s not like neon gas signs that can break easily and pose a danger to the environment.

  • LED Lights are More Energy Efficient

The LED neon lights can use 12V to connect to a transformer supply with 240V. This allows you to quickly plug it into your home or office’s power supply.

On the other hand, neon gas lights will require professional installation. They will only use 18 volts. To install the wiring, it is best to hire a qualified electrician. They are more energy-intensive, and it isn’t an environmentally friendly way to do so.

  • LED Neon Is More Durable

We all want durable light fixtures. Unfortunately, the current market has both counterfeit and original brands. The former is poor and wasteful. They stop functioning quickly and that’s all.

Flexible plastic tubes allow you to create any type of shape, letter, number, or graphic with an LED neon sign. They are easy to bend making them perfect for use in areas with small children.

Traditional gas neon lights use only glass material, which is molded using heat from the fire and then bent to create different shapes. This whole process is risky, resulting in a fragile product.

If the old neon light drops to the floor, it will fall and break. Once it’s broken, it can’t be repaired or used as is. It’s the main reason that LED neon signs are popular.

  • Neon LED Lights are Very Bright!

It is possible to be in a large room with many lighting fixtures, but still, need your LED neon signage for illumination. These neon signs are bright and you don’t have any need to be worried. They are not so bright as to be too distracting to your eyes.

LED neon lights are up to 5-6 times brighter than traditional neon gas lamps. This is the best choice for you if you’re looking for elegant yet functional lighting. It creates a special atmosphere in your space and makes it stand out from the rest.

The era of neon gas lights has ended. Modernity has given birth to new. You can choose advanced lighting that is more comfortable, energy-saving, and environmentally safe.

The best thing is that you do not have to limit your possibilities. Neon LED lights are available for installation in almost any room in your house or office.

Let it reflect your style and add beauty to the area. These lights can be beautiful and functional, even if other lighting fixtures are added to the area.

Final Thoughts

The visual appeal of most things is what attracts people. Your business premises should have neon LED lights to attract customers. Attracting them first is the ambiance, particularly the lights.

These lights are why many bars, restaurants, and entertainment companies highly recommend them. Businesses will find them attractive because of their beauty and function.

This is the perfect way to advertise your business. These are also perfect for homeowners who wish to transform their living rooms.

These lights are safer and more efficient than traditional lighting. You can choose the design and color combination that best suits your space. Neon LED lights don’t get too hot.

Now is the time to invest in your LED neon signs. It may change the look and feel of your space.

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