Unveiling 12 Surprising Benefits of Personalized Neon Signs for Businesses

There are many ways that you can ensure your business is known by the locals. You can draw attention to your establishment with flashing lights or banners, as well as window displays and vibrant building colors. Is there anything that works as well as neon signage? While neon used to limit the possibilities of signage, modern technology, and decades-old innovation have made it possible to create custom neon signs that offer many advantages to those who choose to use them.

Although neon signs have been around for a long time as a choice for business displays and signage, LEDs are now becoming more popular. The light-emitting diodes, or LEDs, are used to create signs and lights. They are strung tightly together so that their light reflects and overlaps. LED signs tend to be lighter and more secure than glass neon. LEDs are often packaged in a polymer jacket that protects them from any external damage. Because of their many benefits, LED signs are a great choice for virtually all brick-and-mortar businesses with physical locations.

Your Guide to Neon Signage

As you stroll through the streets at night, you may notice glowing signs on buildings that almost appear to be luminescent. These are neon signs. If they’re the first thing you notice, it could be that you’re already aware of one of the greatest benefits of these forms of advertising.

Historians state that the first neon sign was installed in 1910. This was located at the Grand Palais. This particular visual effect was so popular that it became very popular in other countries. Commercial demand for neon signs rose dramatically by the 1950s, as America was experiencing a boom.

According to some reports, the demand for neon signs peaked in the 1970s. However, they’re making a strong comeback now in the new millennium.

They’re still very popular. Despite all the benefits of digital publishing, paperback books are still popular and vinyl records continue to outsell compact disc CDs. Real articles are sought after and accepted by the public. It would appear that old school is trendy again.

How LED Neon Is Changing Popular Commercial Signs

Most cities are known for their eye-catching lights and advertisements. As you walk along the sidewalk, you will see flashing signs promoting a good time or welcome signs to a hotel. Modern neon signs are rapidly being replaced by low-cost LED neon lights.

Here are some of these well-known advantages of choosing LED signs over traditional neon lighting:

  • Very Safe
  • This is a more economical option than traditional neon
  • Energy-Efficient
  • Same brightness and color as Traditional Neon
  • The option for more effects or patterns
  • Recyclable

With the public looking forward to a cleaner future and safe recycling becoming the standard for all, many of the neon signs around the world may be replaced by LED neon.

12 Advantages for Your Business With Custom Neon Signs

There are many advantages custom neon signs can offer your business. Here are a few to consider. You might be amazed at some of the possibilities.

1. Energy Efficiency

Due to their low energy consumption, custom neon signs are very common with business owners. A LED is a more efficient lighting option than a neon sign. It uses much less power and consumes far less energy. While neon bulbs require 15,000 volts for operation, LEDs require just 12 volts. If you are thinking of a large outdoor display and considering whether to go with LED or neon, this will mean huge savings in your running costs.

2. Creative Freedom In Design

While custom neon signs may sound like they have endless possibilities, the name itself should not be misleading. This advertising medium allows for a variety of logos and lettering options. Nearly any shape or color can be made by businesses to create neon signs. There are many online tools that you can use to design neon signs, as well as the ability to have it done by professionals. It is possible to find third-party specialists for the layout and image creation.

3. Durability

The custom neon signs are as durable and strong as the other neon signs. A good neon sign will last your business for about a decade. However, it can be made well and maintained properly. With proper care, from creation to installation and maintenance, it can likely last longer. It’s much better than sending your employee up a ladder to change bulbs on outdoor signs once a year. It’s much safer, depending on how the weather is and who is ready to climb that ladder.

4. Easy Installation

Many neon sign makers have a team of people who can do the job or they work together regularly. Even if the job is simple, it’s worthwhile to have industry professionals do it. This will assure you that it was done correctly and allow you to learn how you manage your signage. You won’t have to shut down your business for days, or worse, it isn’t a large-scale construction project. Most of the time, only a few hours are required with minimal disruption to foot flow. Depending on your business hours you may even be able to arrange to do this when nobody is there. It takes just one day for the sign to be up and operational.

5. Environmentally-Friendly

This is a reminder that neon signs consume less power. They also last a long time. This is good news for the planet you share with your vendors and employees. Even if you do rely on fossil-fuel power, using less power will result in a smaller carbon footprint. Signs last longer than other signs and do not need to be changed as often. There is also less waste involved in production, disposal, or recycling.

6. Broad Range Of Operation

These neon signs are durable and versatile. Is your business in a flood-prone region? Is there a high risk of brownouts or surges for your line voltage? All of these situations are usually not a concern for neon signage.

7. Versatility

You know what colors, shapes, and designs are available. But even if it seems unlikely that you will ever use the flexibility of custom neon signs, you may have to. You might need to follow certain rules or stipulations that may be enforced by your property owner, your property manager, or state regulations. You can be flexible and align with any rules applicable to your location while still standing out, even if your neighbors are wondering how to make flat signs.

8. Win the Night

Your business closes at 5 PM on weekdays. Or are you open late on weekends and weekdays? You can use neon signage to let the public know who and what you are doing at night. Although you can install lighting to illuminate the daytime signage, neon signs require much less maintenance and are cheaper.

9. Make a Great First Impression

How many times has it happened that you drove past a business with a text-only sign and some basic colors? How many shops or establishments have no logo? How often have you seen a vinyl sign hanging in the breeze? Neon signs can be made in any size, shape, style, or color. If you mount a work, your business and its quality will shine before prospects and customers even enter your home. It could even happen before they even get out of the car.

10. Match Your Branding

Social media is a major part of the modern world. It’s more than being open for business and selling products or services. Your company name and website alone are not enough. A brand must surround you. It can be hard to match flat signage with branding. However, custom neon allows you to make signs that blend right into your existing logo and colors.

11. Fonts Galore

Custom neon signs have the advantage of being able to choose from many font styles. This applies to branding your business, but at a minimum, it means choosing a font that fits your decor and visual preferences. A font that is distinctive enough to stand out against the rest can be used for an exterior sign. Even if they don’t have the font that you need, it’s possible to request one from a neon sign company and they can then make the necessary adjustments.

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12. Neon Is Very Bright

Neon is an eye-catcher. In addition to being brighter than conventional signs, neon has an increased luminosity. This makes it easy for passers-by to see your business and also for customers to find you once they’ve made their decision to visit.

While neon signs are an older technology than a century, they still look retro-chic and can be used to indicate that your store has opened or to display sophisticated branding. This is a wonderful way to communicate information to customers and prospects with a tasty mix of urgency as well as style.


The neon signs are a draw for attention. Even during the day, they draw attention to their location. Their high visibility made them extremely popular during America’s 1950s and 1960s roadside culture. For finding a hotel or motel to stay the night, motorists traveling on the highway rely on their Vacancy/NoVacancy neon signs.


Neon can be found in not all neon signs. The modern revival of this industry began in the second half 1990s as engineers and scientists came up with many color spectrums. You might see modern neon signs with argon carbon dioxide, hydrogen, or fiber optics. LED technology looks and functions like traditional neon lighting.

Get to know your neighbors

Although neon signs may not be preferred by everyone, they are a welcome addition to Americana. If your property is required to allow it, check that it’s allowed. Neon signage is also allowed by zoning ordinances.

Additionally, it is important to note if there are any businesses nearby that have custom signs. It’s not a sign that you have too many. Maybe it is a sign of how custom neon signage works. Be aware of how many cars you have in each parking area. How many people are going in and out of each parking area?

The proof is in your pudding. You can see how custom neon signs make a difference for your local restaurants, stores, and businesses. Make sure you stand out from the rest.

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