Unveiling the 8 Unmistakable Benefits of Using Neon Signs

Over the years, LED neon signs have helped business owners stand apart. Even though it would seem that LED neon signs have become obsolete, they still prove to be as effective today as ever. Today’s post will highlight 8 undisputed benefits that neon signs have brought to business owners since 1950.

  • Visibility is important. The LED neon signs will improve your visibility. LED neon signs are a great way to increase your visibility in a busy area. A neon sign is especially useful for small business owners looking to announce their arrival.
  • It is possible to create your design. You can customize neon signage. This is a major advantage. This medium allows unlimited options for logo design. With our starter packs, businesses can design neon signs in virtually any shape and color. If we are unable to design it in-house, then we will assist you in finding someone who is. Don’t settle on stock images.
  • Nighttime functionality. Neon signs allow businesses to work at night. You can still install extra lighting to highlight your existing signage but upgrading to neon is more economical in terms both of installation and upkeep.
  • Running costs are low and they are energy-efficient. After carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and helium, neon is the fifth-most abundant chemical element in our universe. Neon is the fifth most abundant chemical element in the universe after hydrogen, helium, oxygen, and carbon. It’s no surprise that they are so cheap. Neon signs are also more durable than regular light bulbs. Save on bulbs! Buy neon and save on bulb replacements. The average neon sign will only cost 20 cents to run if you keep it running all day. The average toaster draws 900 watts which are 10x more power than the lifeblood of your business.
  • Operational range: A wide operating range is a plus.
  • Long-lasting. The lifespan of neon signs is 10-12 years when they are properly constructed and maintained. Consider that neon signs require very little upkeep while traditional light signs can fail in as little as six months. This is why they are so valuable.
  • It’s easy to set it up. You can set up neon signs in no time. This allows you to start reaping the benefits immediately. Our business partners will assist you with your installation.
  • Attract new customers. The history of neon signs in advertising is long. This brand awareness medium has been a cornerstone of many major companies’ local advertising campaigns, starting in the 1950s. So, neon signs have been taught to attract consumers’ attention. To spot offers and check whether businesses are open, we look for neon signs. You can also use this consumer conditioning advantage to your advantage. The moment you put up your neon sign, passersby will notice it.

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